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So how do you generate leads in the first place?

Well, let’s review that components that create the whole process of lead generation for your email marketing. First, a visitor has discovered your business through one of your marketing channels which could be anything from PPC, to content marketing, to social media.

Every one of these channels that attract visitors need to have a call to action which is an image, button, or message that calls the visitor to take an action on your website that eventually leads to a landing page that has a distinct purpose like a free offer that they receive in their email.

This is when you receive their information on a form that requires the information you need to provide the free service for them.

The offer could be anything attractive enough so that they will be willing to provide their information on your form.

Once all these elements are put together, you have created a funnel for lead generation! So a quick summary; your social media, blog, or paid advertising leads to a landing page that shows an irresistible offer that turns visitors into leads when they input their information on your form.

So now that you’re getting web traffic and generating consistent leads with the funnel you’ve created, it’s time to make a plan of how many leads you should really be generating compared to leaders in your industry.

The cost per lead varies in every industry, for example, education reporting the lowest cost per lead is $26 while information tech and service’s lowest cost per lead is $51. One of the ways to determine the cost per lead by the strategy being used. Cost per lead for companies using an inbound strategy is extremely lower than companies using outbound strategies.

Some tips for lead generation…

Use the Right Lead Generation Tools

The most successful marketing teams use the most formal and organized lead generation tools and software. What kind of information do you know about the people visiting your website? Do you know their email addresses and names? What about the pages they visit and the patterns of people navigating around? What are the different things they do before and after they fill out your lead conversion form?

If you don’t have the answers to these questions then you’re most likely having a difficult time connecting with the people visiting your site. The goal for your lead generation software, is that you’re able to answer all of these questions.

Create Custom Offers for Each Stage of the Buying Cycle

Thanks to Kaia Communications for the useful image above.

Not every one of your visitors are going to be ready to invest in your product or service in the second they land on your site. Someone at the beginning of your sales cycle may not be too knowledgeable in the industry and would find an information guide or Ebook most valuable to become more familiar, while some may have been keeping an eye on your company and is ready for a free trial.

It’s important to create call to actions for every stage in the sales cycle, so each visitor will have an offer that appeals specifically to them.

Offering valuable and complementary content for your leads to be nurtured and taken through the sales cycle at an accurate pace is crucial for people to return back to your website to purchase from you. Lead generation content is perfect for the people interested in your company, but don’t have enough information on what you have to offer, or are just not confident enough to buy. Offering free value will take them to the next level by giving your company credibility and trust.

Create Custom Landing Pages

Lots of marketer make the mistake of leading your visitor to a home page after they click a call to action.

Congruence is important for people to have trust and have no surprises when they click your CTA. If your call to action is promoting a free video series or product, you should have a custom landing page that is congruent with the offer. Giving them exactly what they were interested in will convert the visitor to a lead.
Going out of the way to have formal lead generation software, creating custom offers for every one of your visitors, and taking the time to create custom landing pages for them will be the difference in your lead generation efforts.

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