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Sometimes we need a little inspiration to get those creative juices flowing. When it comes to marketing, even the marketing geniuses need to see outstanding examples of marketing work. Sometimes looking at completely irrelevant industries’ outstanding marketing content can be valuable for you to come up with your own creations. 

We can often find marketing that did well because it’s all publicly available to us. You can look up the marketing history of your favorite companies, or what they’re currently doing just by looking at their websites. 

But there is one marketing channel that is particularly difficult to find good work: email marketing. To find great email marketing campaigns you would need to subscribe and wait to go through their entire sales funnel to see what they’re up to. I personally wouldn’t want to subscribe to tons of email series and be bombarded with emails day after day… it would get pretty hard to notice the valuable ones. 

Because we know that you’re trying to build your email marketing to its full potential, we decided to do all the email marketing hunting for you. Continue reading for some amazing examples of email marketing campaigns from various different industries that are creative and perform unbelieveable well for each of these companies. 


When we talk about email marketing, we usually talk about providing free value and taking them through your sales cycle, but what about after they take action and purchase from you? The emails after your prospects take action are important as well so you can make them feel like they made an empowering decision which can be as simple as updating the customer on the progress of their purchase.

This is an example of a charity that collects donations for water projects in countries that don’t have enough water. When someone donates to this charity, the money takes a pretty long journey. In fact, most charities take a long journey to get the money to where it needs to be, but most don’t tell you about that journey at all. 

This charity took the time to send their donors an email that tells them exactly where their donation goes in the exact time that it takes. This is an exciting and positive way to make the customers interact and feel involved in their decision to donate.  


The beauty of Uber’s emails is in their intelligibility. Uber lets their email subscribers know exactly what their promotions are in just a few sentences, followed by a call to action. Another thing that makes Uber’s emails so pleasant is their simplicity, when they need to explain how to take action or fulfill one of their promotions, it’s easy to follow along and easy on the eye. When a company can make a promotion look so easy to follow along, it’ll increase their conversion rates significantly. The consistency between their app, emails, and website are bright colors and patterns that represent their company and create brand loyalty. They know what works for their company, and they use it to its full potential.


How do you get your subscribers to engage while growing your company? Well TheSkimm is a perfect example on how to achieve it. This is an example of what happens when a subscriber has been on the email list for two years. 

Emails that are triggered by milestones or accomplishments are a fun way to excite your subscribers and make them feel like they really matter to your company! They took an approach that pretty much gives each subscriber an affiliate link and told them to share it with their friends and family to be a brand ambassador, how cute!

These are just 3 of our favorite emails that cover different strengths in email marketing that hopefully give you inspiration on your next broadcasts and automation!

2 thoughts on “Email Marketing Campaign Examples that Performed Extremely Well

  1. Wow I love this! So many interesting insights and examples of great email campaigns. Love the clean, slick look of the Uber emails!

  2. Hello, I am new to email marketing and I actually have a charity that I founded and the first example was so useful and I’m definitely going to incorporate some of those brilliant ideas in my marketing campaigns.

    Thank you so much!

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