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We can easily start to lose ideas on what to provide with our email marketing content after a while, and a huge part of building a strong content marketing strategy is experimenting with new kinds of content so it’s important to mix it up.

This guide is to give you a few ideas on new ways to get your list excited about your company in a whole new way. There may be a majority of your list that loves your current email marketing strategies, but mixing it up can expand your reach and become more attractive to different types of people that sign up.

The first type of lead generation content you can use in your email marketing are Ebooks.

Ebooks are a popular way to attract leads and educate your prospects and create credibility in your industry. These aren’t pieces of content that are created within a day, they require time, research, and creativity to make it different than anything else in your industry while aligning it to your brand.

When creating an Ebook, be sure to pick a topic that has the depth to become an Ebook and fulfills the needs of your prospects. Ebooks are well worth the time investment because they’re a valuable piece of information that prospects respond to and have the potential to be shared with friends and colleagues.

Offering courses is another powerful content strategy to offer your website visitors.

Teaching your prospects how to do something in exchange for an email address will seem like a no brainer if it’s valuable for them. You can either provide a recording or a live tutorial that they can access through their email.

There are tasks that are so simple for the professionals in your company, so providing that simple information to people who aren’t knowledgeable in that area will be very valuable for your prospects, so that is an option that can be fairly simple to produce when you find a need that your prospects are interesting in learning about.  

Trials are a popular way to attract people to your email marketing list.

Your company is something you have so much pride in, so giving your prospects free access to your company’s services or product will allow people to experience your company while eliminating complicated decision making about whether to invest or not.

A free trial will, in the long term, filter the valuable customers because when they experience the free trial, you will know who is serious about investing and who isn’t.

Having access to a free trial in exchange for an email address is a great exchange for any prospect interested in your company.

Create webinars for your prospects to learn more about your company.

A webinar is a useful content format for introducing prospects to what your company really is, and the credibility it has. A webinar is your company’s chance to show its expertise in your industry and make a lasting impression with the viewers.

Having a fresh, and positive face on a webinar as the representative of your company is great for making your prospects enjoy the actual people behind the company which can make a huge difference in sales.
These are some options for the content behind your email marketing that aren’t very difficult to do, but will receive great reactions and engagement from prospects, as well as a way to substantially grow your list.