04/02/2017 Tina 0Comment

The only way to ensure that your email marketing is reaching its full potential is by experimenting with small tweaks and changes to your list. Email marketing has in depth analytics so you can keep track of what your prospects are responding to.

1. Personalize more than just the name. Making sure you include the recipient name is an important first step, but there are many more ways to personalize your emails. An option for further customization is sending messages that are custom to their action and other information you have about them.

2. Email marketers can sometimes be stuck on sending emails at a certain time in the day because they’re convinced it is optimal time, but try experimenting with different times in the day and measure what times get most engagement based on the day.

3. Copy length. Track if a short amount of content with a call to action, or long and detailed content is best for your leads.

4. One of the main goals in email marketing is to make your messages stand out from all of the other promotions they’re receiving, so testing fonts, and sizes can highlight important parts of the message and make it more visually pleasing.

5. Although you shouldn’t have to provide offers and discounts for your list to engage with your emails, experimenting with them may result in higher opens and clicks. You should test what kind of discounts your prospects are really looking for and include them in subject lines to track open rates.

6. Segment the high-engagers versus the low-engagers by sending them different messages that speaks to their needs because they do respond differently to emails.

7. Subject line testing is important because that can dramatically influence the open rates. Longer subject lines may be more appropriate for some business models and vice versa.

8. Directly asking your customers what they want from your emails and their feedback on previous emails. Creating a simple survey that asks your customers what they want to see and what they think about the emails your company sends them is extremely valuable data, and the most accurate.

9. Making your customers feel like they aren’t being sent an automated email series that were created months ago is important. The way to make your emails feel up to date is by including current events, talking about holidays with themed emails, or referencing large news stories.

10. Sending emails from business emails, personal emails, or department emails will all have different open rates, so you may want to experiment testing from a few different emails to track open rates.

11. Including images can be great for engagement, but based on your business model, or content in the emails, different pictures can be more valuable in terms of engagement. Infographics, GIFs, and images of videos should all be tested.

12. Email marketing shouldn’t be used to solely for marketing messages and promotions. Use email to simply provide value without actually asking for anything in return. This will create trust in your company and when there is a promotion, they will be more likely to engage.